Monday, 21 January 2013

New to the hobby, time to build a model railway!

I'm new to T Gauge. Well sort of new. I've been lurking on the forum for a while absorbing everything I can.

I'm a long time wargamer. I normally play warhammer 40k and have a blog for it here. So I have a degree of modelling experience, its just been many years since I touched model trains. And I've never tried anything quite so small. 1:450 scale is just insane! I like insane ideas though.

Well, I wanted to make a layout and I wanted it to be small and portable. So I decided on the smallest of the small that can still actually function. I decided to build a layout in a guitar case so that I would have something novel but portable and also capable of having a loop of track and an end to end stretch using the awesome sensors that come with the controller.

I have only just started the project. I have most of the materials I need to get the basics done and I now have the baseboard sorted and the guitar case stripped out.

Here are some pics.

Small enough to fit between a Space Marine's legs!

Now I'm just waiting for some bits from so I can attach the track and start planning around it.